Leonardo da Vinci: Man-Inventor-Genius

Coming…January – April 2014

BlueWater Resort & Casino is proud to announce the opening of a major traveling exhibition, Leonardo da Vinci: Man-Inventor-Genius and Man-Artist-Genius. Including 60 invention models and 23 replicated artistic masterpieces, Leonardo da Vinci is an educational exhibition of unequaled fascination.

Made to scale and produced by the Italian artisan family who has been building the inventions to da Vinci specifications for two centuries, the models of Man-Inventor Genius include interactive inventions and machines from the four codices: flight, civil machines, hydraulics & engineering and military machines. The craftsmanship and beauty of the materials used by da Vinci are represented just as they were in the 15th century.

Complimenting the invention models, Man-Artist-Genius combines made-to-scale replicas of all of da Vinci’s masterpiece paintings together with films of da Vinci’s life, an audio video guide and recorded music composed by da Vinci. Through this exhibition, museum goers will have the rare opportunity of seeing all of da Vinci’s paintings together in the same place. Additionally, they will have the pleasure of considering how the masterpieces relate to the artist’s love of science and nature.